eCommerce might not be a new concept in the digital realm — but it’s rapidly becoming one of the most innovative and competitive segments of the technology world.

With so many eCommerce stores and payment platforms on the scene, today’s eCommerce sellers need to make sure they stand out from the crowd. With an industry growth in the billions of dollars over the last several years, now is one of the best times to launch your eCommerce business. Whether you’re a seasoned seller, the new kid on the block, or a bright-eyed entrepreneur, these eCommerce tips can ensure growth and success for your online store at any stage.

Be Patient.

Curb your enthusiasm and don’t rush launching your website. Make sure that all the important elements, including  your product descriptions, are correct,  and that the site works properly. You don’t want your customer’s first experience with your store to be negative. Use StorePorter to automate your content management to make sure your user experience is positive and impressive.

Focus on the User.

eCommerce, for all its conveniences , can offer  some serious drawbacks — such as eliminating the customer’s ability to physically  handle an item prior to making a purchase decision. That is why product images are so important. Use StorePorter for your product image management and your webstore will reflect that you keep the user in mind, and are focused on making their shopping experience as uncomplicated as possible. By keeping your store simple and easy-to-use, customers will be much more likely to make additional purchases and recommend your store to friends.

Test. Test. And Test Again.

This is an imperative step in the pre and post-launch phases. Save room in your budget for testing and analytics. Put yourself in the mindset of the customer, and see what works, what’s faulty and what could be improved.

Mobile Mania

Mobile sales are expected to increase from $204 billion in 2014 to $626 billion in 2018. Stay on top of cultural shifts, trends, and technology to ensure your site is optimized for mobile and tablet use. You never know how a potential customer might discover your site, so be prepared!

SEO to Grow

If you want to be found by potential customers, you have to employ the tools to make it possible. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing tactic that combines well-written, targeted content with your site’s position in online search results. Make sure your site copy and product descriptions contain relevant keywords and search terms that users might look for — but don’t overload your site with target phrases. You may not see the immediate payoff of your SEO efforts, but it will help you stay on the scene for the long run.

Be Social.

Social media is your key to understanding your customers’ interests and spending habits. Staying involved with your business’s social media efforts will keep you informed and influence smart decisions down the road.

Stay Social.

Your site should feature prominent links to all of your business social media profiles.  Draw potential customers to your social pages with “like” or “follow” buttons, and gain their trust by featuring  product reviews and testimonials. Social engagement is an important step for converting browsers to buyers. In addition, be sure to add sharing buttons to all of your products. This allows your loyal customers to recommend your products to their network.

Gather Data.

Find out who your customers are. Make sure to keep a database of emails and other relevant information to build and nurture meaningful relationships with your customers. Check out how StorePorter can work with your developers to gather data efficiently and effectively.

Stay trendy.

One key eCommerce tip: don’t fade into the past. Keep your technology, products and strategies aligned with the times and the global culture. If you want to stay poised for success, you must remember that the eCommerce world is one where evolution rules, and only those who adapt will survive. Using the automation process from StorePorter will help you deploy your new products faster than ever to keep you on trend with your customers.

The eCommerce world can be a daunting one — but by following these proven eCommerce tips, you’ll be armed with the knowledge needed to push your business to the top of the crowded online shopping heap. And no matter your retail store’s stage of growth, be  sure to reach out to StorePorter for eCommerce expertise and inventory management. Happy selling!