At StorePorter, we’re here to make the world of webstores a whole lot easier for you. The following frequently asked questions should give you a quick primer on our product.

Why does StorePorter cost more than your competitors' products?

We cost more because we do more. They do quantity updates and order management; we offer all that, plus full content creation, image management, and automated tools that simplify complex tasks from many steps to one or none.

What support do you provide? Is that included in my monthly fee?

We like to think of ourselves as trusted advisors for our customers. That means we’re here to help you every step of the way, whether you’re stuck on a StorePorter feature or need some pointers on how to grow your eCommerce business. Our monthly fee includes support, and we’re available to you in whatever style suits you best — phone, email or even the occasional text message.

How does StorePorter support my store's specialized needs?

StorePorter works with many folks who have specialized webstore setups. We support those custom behaviors with data flows that make them work.

Our software is fluid, flexible, and updated regularly to meet the needs of the eCommerce industry  and our customers. We get to know you and enhance our product based on how you do business. Some of StorePorter’s best features were developed after a customer came to us asking for help improving their webstore workflow.

Does StorePorter help me prevent overselling?

Yes we do. StorePorter features a handy tool, product thresholds, which stops online selling below a certain level. That way, you can rest assured that you’ll keep the desired stock in your brick and mortar store.

How do I install StorePorter?

Our team manages the entire StorePorter installation and configuration as a part of our training package. It’s just our little way of ensuring your software is properly connected and reliable.

Is my data protected in the cloud?

No, but we do offer cloud-based backup at no additional charge.