If you’re anything like us, you’ve experienced a scenario like this: You have tons of products to add to your Bigcommerce store, many of which need identical text in their product descriptions. After copying and pasting — and then, reformatting — the text from a Word document about 50 times, you start wondering to yourself, Is this really the most efficient strategy? Then, a few minutes later, you find a typo in the text you’ve been copying and pasting into your products. Frustration ensues.

StorePorter’s Text Templating Tool is the antidote to endless copying, pasting and fixing typos. Busy merchants love this unique feature — available exclusively from StorePorter — because it dramatically cuts down the time and effort needed to draft product descriptions, creating a much more efficient, and less frustrating, business process. Here’s how our Text Templating Tool works.

Text Templating Tool – How It Works

StorePorter created the Text Templating Tool with a simple concept in mind: make it easier to add, and customize, product descriptions in your eCommerce store. With this tool, you can quickly develop a template that ports over copy for all products that apply. Our rich text editor allows you to apply styles and customize format in a number of ways that remain consistent across all products using this template. Say goodbye to the hassle of re-formatting text pasted from Word, and re-entering identical information across multiple products. This time-saving, stress-relieving tool streamlines your process in just a few clicks.

Other perks of this tool:

  • Product subsections: Bigcommerce only has a single field for product descriptions. With this tool, you can add subsections based on your business’ unique needs. Many of our customers add a secondary header for specifications information within their product description, and others use this tool to add special shipping or manufacturer details for particular collections.  
  • Template updates: Remember that typo you found after you copied and pasted a description 15 times? You no longer have to correct each individual product. With the Text Templating Tool, simply update your template, sync your software and — like magic! — all products using that template are updated.
  • Rich text editor: Customize your template using our advanced text editor, which allows you to select styles and other text customizations that will be applied consistently for each product using the template.  

At StorePorter, we’re not just software gurus; we’re also online retailers who know what tasks cost you time and money. Tools such as our Text Template streamline your webstore management so that you can get back to growing your business. Contact our friendly staff today for a demo of this and other powerful StorePorter automations.