When ProStores announced that it would be shutting down in early 2015, our clients came to us with the inevitable question: where do we go from here? At StorePorter, we know a solid platform when we see one. That’s why we’re confident in recommending Bigcommerce to the online sellers in StorePorter’s family. With Bigcommerce’s solid platform and StorePorter’s powerful automation tools, our customers haven’t just matched their previous sales — they’ve blown those figures right out of the water.

For a glimpse into the benefits of Bigcommerce and StorePorter, check out the results that one of our customers, Country Village Shoppe, has experienced since its migration last year.

The problem

Country Village Shoppe was experiencing the pains we see with many eCommerce stores: flat conversion rates and stagnant web traffic. The shop’s owner wanted to jumpstart sales, conversions and web traffic while continuing to use StorePorter to manage its inventory.

With Country Village Shoppe’s previous platform, ProStores, closing for business, we had the perfect opportunity to move the webstore to Bigcommerce — a platform that’s done wonders for many of the other folks in the StorePorter family. With this powerful, reliable platform hosting the webstore and StorePorter managing its inventory, we knew the migration would be just what Country Village Shoppe needed to generate more traffic for its great products.

The migration

In the world of eCommerce, “migration” can be a scary word. But with StorePorter, sellers like Country Village Shoppe have a partner every step of the way. Using our migration system and Bigcommerce’s 301 redirect tools, we managed the entire move to Bigcommerce. That meant transferring all the store’s existing data to the new platform, and making sure no “dead” inventory got brought over in the migration. The entire database migration took less than two days — no glitches in sight.

The benefits

In its first full year on Bigcommerce, Country Village Shoppe’s conversion rate has increased by 200%. Bigcommerce’s user guides make troubleshooting a breeze, and built-in features — the Abandoned Cart Saver is one of the shops’ favorites — drive sales in new ways.

And because StorePorter integrates seamlessly with Bigcommerce, Country Village Shoppe enjoys the same automation tools that our software has provided since Day 1. Our powerful software continues to make uploading, managing and selling the store’s stuff easier than ever before. The store’s team can sync its POS solution with Bigcommerce in one click, and deploy new products at lightning speed. Pair that with Bigcommerce’s user-friendly interface, and you have a truly streamlined eCommerce experience.

The bottom line

With StorePorter’s eCommerce management automations and Bigcommerce’s top-notch platform, Country Village Shoppe has a winning team that will continue supporting its growth. Check out the store’s full collection of home decor here.

Want to see how StorePorter can ease your Bigcommerce migration and grow your webstore? Contact us for a free demo. We’ll share our eCommerce expertise, walk you through the StorePorter software, and tell you all about the great monthly plans that our partner, Bigcommerce, provides.

(P.S. Bigcommerce just launched an Enterprise Plan with more features, premium cloud resources, and unlimited API calls. Ask us about how their platform can support your webstore’s unique needs.)