Picture this: You’ve just added a new item to your inventory, the Super Outdoors Jacket,  and you can hardly wait to get it up in your eCommerce store. But as soon as you begin to input the SKUs in your webstore, you feel the anxiety swell. Because the jacket comes in three colors and six sizes, you really have 18 items on your hands. From the looks of it, you’re going to have to upload each of these SKUs separately just to get the Super Outdoors Jacket up on your eCommerce store.

And it gets trickier: although there are 12 different SKUs, online shoppers don’t want to go to 12 different places to find their desired size and color. Once you’ve uploaded all 12 Super Outdoors Jacket variations, you have to find some way to make them appear under a single listing.

If this sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. Luckily, StorePorter has a feature that helps you conquer this time-consuming issue: the Product Families tool. Here’s why busy online merchants love this automation for QuickBooks POS and ARS v6.

Product Families – How it Works

The Product Families tool is simple: it consolidates your inventory so that all variations for one product appear under a single webstore listing. With Bigcommerce, it would take hundreds of clicks to get those 18 Super Outdoor Jacket sizes and colors uploaded to your store and organized under the same product entry. At StorePorter, we’ve made the process a lot easier.

Let’s go back to the Super Outdoor Jacket. With StorePorter managing your products, you only have to describe the product and add images one time; our automation creates all the necessary records in Bigcommerce automatically. Thanks to our built-in Product Families feature, you can easily make all your sizes, colors and other variations part of the same listing. There’s no hassle and no confusion — just a few simple clicks.

At StorePorter, our goal is simple: we simplify webstore management so that you can get back to growing your business. Our software is packed with automation tools that save you time, time, money, frustration and costly inventory errors. Want to experience it for yourself? Contact us today to schedule a demo.