If you’re a ProStores user, you’ve definitely heard the news by now: ProStores is shutting down on Feb 1, 2015. February may seem light-years away — we’ve still got Thanksgiving and the 2014 holiday shopping season ahead of us — but to have your new store set up and running on Bigcommerce before Feb. 1, now is the time to act.

But don’t get stressed-out just yet: StorePorter is here to help. Here’s why you should enlist our expert team to handle your Bigcommerce migration:

1. We clean up your data before you migrate.

Sure, migrating your store from ProStores to Bigcommerce in one fell swoop seems like a great idea. The problem is that when you do so, exactly what’s in your store now is what will appear in your Bigcommerce store. If you have messy, unorganized data, or lots of dead products, it’s better to clean that up before you migrate so your Bigcommerce store is in tip-top shape.

StorePorter organizes, syncs and updates your stuff so that only the data that should be in your new store winds up there. Think of it as a spring cleaning, courtesy of our nifty software.

2. We manage your data during — and after — the migration.

Bigcommerce offers users a fairly strong migration tool, but it doesn’t do everything. One of the things it overlooks is your data. StorePorter manages your stuff during the migration so that your store is ready to operate as soon as it’s set up in Bigcommerce. No inventory errors, no stress and no lost time trying to figure out how to get your stuff to appear like it should in your Bigcommerce store.

3. We make sure you get the most out of your webstore migration.

We’ve migrated quite a few stores from ProStores in our day, and we use this expertise to ensure your Bigcommerce migration is a smooth, seamless process. Our pros know how to make the most of the features that Bigcommerce offers, and understand the complexity of translating all ProStore’s quirks and features into your new Bigcommerce framework. We can also recommend plenty of Bigcommerce best practices and training tips based on our years of working intimately with this platform.

And here’s the best part: many of our customers have experienced a sales increase once we migrate them to Bigcommerce. Want us to help you achieve the same webstore growth? Contact us to learn how StorePorter will enhance your webstore’s migration from ProStores to Bigcommerce