At StorePorter, we’re on a mission to help you simplify your webstore product and inventory management. That’s why we continually update our eCommerce software to provide you with features that reflect the latest advancements in online retail. Here’s the latest round of StorePorter updates:

  •         Improved logging. The reason and context of Product and Family updates are now notated.
  •         Integration: For ARS/AcuSport back office integration, you can now choose to reflect in-store promotional sale prices in Bigcommerce.
  •         Filtering: Product and Family grids can now be filtered by category.
  •         Template Naming: You now have the ability to rename Text Templates. Existing references to the template will be properly updated in Products and Families.
  •         Linking: You now have the option to link your Text Templates to a Brand. This will restrict implementation of template to Products and Families of that brand. Unlinked templates will still be available in all Products and Families.
  •         Error handling: We’ve improved error handling stability so that StorePorter will no longer freeze and require a forced shutdown.
  •         Performance: We’ve dramatically improved the single record sync performance, making it easier to sync from the grid.
  •         Maintenance: You can now use sale price maintenance with Family Members.
  •         Hiding Prices: If product availability is set to “disabled,” our software will now support “hide price” and “hide price label” fields.
  •         Improvements: We’ve made numerous improvements to general stability and reliability.
  •         Preview: The Preview feature for Products and Families now uses an integrated viewer rather than the default browser.
  •         Duplicates: Our software now offers advance pre-sync feedback regarding duplicate names and SKUs.
  •         Rich text editor: We’ve implemented a new text editor. Access it by going to Tools>Options, selecting the Data/Sync tab, then choosing the Presentation subtab and setting “Rich text editor” to “XStandard:” If you have more than 1,000 SKUs, please reach out to our support team before enabling this feature.

eCommerce is dynamic and constantly evolving. Your eCommerce software should be, as well. At StorePorter, we’re continually updating our software to reflect the latest, and greatest, advancements in webstore automation and management. Check back often for updates, and if you aren’t a customer yet but want to take advantage of all our software has to offer, schedule a demo with us today.