StorePorter is growing, and we’re excited to welcome our newest Application Developer and CS genius, Patrick. Here’s a glimpse into the mind of one of our behind-the-scenes tech gurus.

How did you first hear about StorePorter’s software?

I first heard about it about 9 years ago, when Dan first started creating the software. Dan and I had been hired at the same company in 1989, and worked together for years. When he said his next project would be a web interface that simplified the inventory management system for brick and mortar stores that were developing an online presence, I acted as his sounding board. Even then, I knew he was onto something.

What experience and skills do you bring to the StorePorter family?

I’ve been involved in some form of programming for the last 3 decades. I also have 2 decades of experience in retail and IT, as well as proficiency in GIS. The transition to StorePorter has been pretty smooth. It’s a natural fit and progression from what I was doing. The common thread that ties all my experiences together is my desire to work diligently until a problem is resolved.

What excites you most about StorePorter and your new role?

I’m very excited about the new channels we will be developing for eBay and Amazon Marketplace. The StorePorter solution for what has been a very manual process of listing individual items on each channel will really simplify selling products across the web. In my current role, I get the best of both worlds in development and customer support. Helping fix customer problems exposes how things work underneath, and it’s the best way to become proficient in the back-end of the software. Working in support and development results in a more stable product for our clients.

Apart from your enthusiasm for the big developments on the horizon, what excites you most about life?

I have many hobbies, but I love volunteering and doing charitable work. I’m a member of the Knights of Columbus, and a member of the Geneva Emergency Management Agency (GEMA). We’re the guys who do traffic and parking duty. I try to be a part of my community and volunteer locally. I’ve served with the Knights for more than a decade. The thing that made me passionate about it was seeing their fundraising efforts on street corners. I wanted to be the happy guy putting that dollar in the bucket instead of the grumpy guy who won’t even look at you. But the most wonderful part of my life by far is my wife of 30 years and 3 grown children. When I’m not working or volunteering, I enjoy just being with them.

To our clients who have the pleasure of working with Patrick, feel free to give him a big hello, and know that your technical questions are in capable hands.